August 2016


Most schools around the country have already opened their doors and excited—and perhaps anxious—students have already scuffed up the newly polished floors.  Anticipation for a great school year is high on everyone’s agenda with kids finding that certain something that will motivate and inspire them.  For kids who love performing can’t wait for auditions, rehearsals, and opening nights.  For some, their opening shows come in September.  Hat’s off to these theaters and schools doing my plays this month.  Break a leg!


From Pioneer Drama Service


Peter Pan

9/9….Wendy Samantha Productions, North Balwyn, Vic., Australia

9/16…Belmont Christian College, Belmont, NSW, Australia


A Pirate’s Life for Me!

9/12…Kingston High School, Kingston, Tas., Australia


Murder at Rundown Abbey

9/24…Players’ Theater, Hemet, CA


Who Poisoned His Meatball?

9/16…Crimora Players, Crimora, VA


Alice in Zombieland

9/10…Anthony Brown, Leonay, NSW, Australia


From Heuer Publishing Company


Death by Chocolate

9/30…Friends of East Troy Lions Library, East Troy, WI


From Eldridge Publishing Company


Dr. Dolittle

9/15…Family Community Theatre, Hutchinson, KS


Just Desserts

9/15…Bedford County Players, Bedford, CT


Murder Ahoy!

9/17…Oakview Church of God, Roanoke, VA

August 2016


For many around the country, the new school year is already underway.  For those who still haven’t opened their lockers for the new year yet, vacation time is running out.  And that means activities are ramping up, from sports to music, from student government to drama.  Teachers, directors, and drama classes are already looking for their first plays of the year.  There are loads of great scripts to choose from—how about a look at my new shows published this summer:


Lady Pirates of the Caribbean, both a straight comedy and a musical, is available from Pioneer Drama Service.  It’s a fun adventure that begins when a chest full of gold from the Queen bound for an orphanage in the Caribbean, is stolen by pirates.  The ladies will have none of that!


Also from Pioneer is Icabod!, a faithful, but comic retelling of the most famous early American tale of all, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”.  It’s fun and high-energy.


Murder at Rundown Abbey takes up where Downton Abbey left off—with more laughs, classic British characters, and several bodies lying about the crumbling manor house.  It’s available from Pioneer Drama Service along with Night of the Teenage Zombies.  When a student at Hitchcock High suddenly goes missing, it’s up to her friends to find out where she disappeared to.  Could it be the spooky Bascomb House that everybody says is haunted?


Finally from Pioneer are two shows based on the classics.  Sir Gawain and the Green Knight tells the tale of Gawain, a knight accused of cowardice.  When a witch threatens to destroy Camelot if no knight has the courage to face her challenge, Gawain gulps and steps in to save the day.  Young Sherlock is a comic look at the detective’s very first case—back when he and his friends were in boarding school.  Watson, Lestrade, even Irene Adler are all students who band together to solve a baffling kidnapping case.


Big Dog Plays is bringing out two sequels to plays I wrote several years ago.  All’s Will That Ends Well picks up where My Friend Will left off.  Poor William Shakespeare is stuck in modern times having escaped his own world with the help of a sorceress.  After all, he didn’t want to hang for poaching!  The first time around he found himself involved in a high school production of one of his plays.  This time he suddenly finds himself at a Renaissance Faire where very little is fair and a lot is foul!


The other sequel is Surrender, Dorothy!, which follows The Wicked Witch of Oz.  It’s now fifteen years after Dorothy first claimed to have visited Oz.  But years of therapy have convinced her it never happened.  She still, however, plans to make money off the experience that never happened by opening Emerald City, a theme park.  But a few of her pesky neighbors won’t sell their land, and when one of them finds a book of spells, a few visitors from Oz make a sudden entrance.


Brooklyn Publishers has brought out My Fair Zombie, a comedy about love and robots.  It’s really Pygmalion for the IT age, with scientist Boris Bond, unlucky in love deciding to build his perfect girlfriend.  Unfortunately complications arise quickly—from his sister, who’s running away from her own love mess to his wicked cousin who wants to take over Boris’s life.  It’s lots of fun with a very big heart.


Also at Brooklyn, I have four new ten-minute plays: Dear Diary, Face the Music, The Perfect Diet, and I’ve Got My Standards.  These skits are rich in female parts and take a look at the details of modern life with an eye on the humorous.


Eldridge Publishing Company has brought out my play Trial of the Wicked Witch, which pits storybook characters against their nastiest enemy, the Wicked Witch.  It all takes place in a courtroom, and everybody who’s anybody in fairy tales is in the cast.


There you have it!  Have fun picking and reading scripts.  You’re sure to find the perfect play and when you do, break a leg!

June 2016

Summertime Shows Make a Splash

Welcome Summer!  It’s that warm, lazy time of year when we all get to kick back and relax a bit around the barbecue or pool, right?  But never fear!  Thespians around the globe aren’t kicking back in the least.  They’re rehearsing their shows for the summer season, and our hat’s off to them for entertaining us on those warm, starry nights.  Break a leg to all these groups presenting my plays this summer:


From Heuer Publishing:


Death by Chocolate

7/22….Mount Julliette Theater Association, Hermitage, TN


From Eldridge Publishing:



6/4….Legacy Theater Company, Jacksonville, NC


Oliver T

7/28….Hartford Stage, Hartford, CT


Phantom of the Soap Opera

7/29….Mostly Theater Company, Holtville, CA


From Pioneer Drama Service:


Who Poisoned His Meatball?

6/14….Eastdale Collegiate School, Oshawa, ON, Canada


Peter Pan

6/8……Elk Island Catholic School, Sherwood Park, AB, Canada

7/15….Grace Arts Live, Lake Havasu, AZ

8/25….Lauriston Girls’ School, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

9/16….Belmont Christian College, Belmont, NSW, Canada


Crumpled Classics

7/22….Orange Park Community Theatre, Orange Park, IL


Just Like Us

6/10….Pine Senior High School, Newcastle, ON, Canada


Veggie Villain

8/12….North County Arts Council, Norton, KS


Jolly Roger and the Pirate Queen

6/3….St. Francis High School, Humphrey, NE

7/14…Apple Box Children’s Theatre, Salem, OR


Night at the Wax Museum—the Musical

8/1….Creative Academy of Performing Arts, Adelaide, SA, Australia

8/19…Boerne Community Theatre, Boerne, TX


Hang Ten!

6/1….Inspirational Academy, Virginia Beach, VA

6/15…St. Raphael School, Medford, MA

6/22…Reidy Park Primary School, Mount Gambier, SA, Australia


Surf’s Up!

6/1….Hancock Children’s Theatre, Greenfield, IN

7/1….Hutton’s Hamlet School of Music, Oakdale, CA


A Pirate’s Life for Me!

6/24…Kiel Area Youth Theatre, Kiel, WI

7/15…Saco Parks and Recreation Department, Saco, ME


Oliver Twisted

6/16….Houston Family Arts Center, Houston, TX


Don’t Stop Believin’

6/17….Children’s  Montessori School, Peterborough, ON, Canada


Par for the Corpse

6/30….The Arts Project Orange County, San Clemente, CA


The Beatles Slept Here

7/14….Carriage House Players, Fayetteville, TN


Lady Pirates of the Caribbean

6/1….Lawrence Grassi Middle School, Canmore, AB, Canada

6/24…Plk Camoes Tan Siu Lin School, Kowloon, Hong Kong

6/25…Stray Cats Theatre Company, Mandurah, WA, Australia


Hickory, Dickory, Dead

6/10….Picayune on Stage, Picayune, MS


Flower Power

6/1….Seattle Public Schools, Seattle, WA

May 2016

Break a Leg May Productions!

The school year may be coming to an end, but there are lots of plays readying to supply a big finish to the year.  Hats off and a big “Break a Leg!” to these schools and theaters presenting my plays in May:


From Eldridge Publishing Company



5/6….Murray County Central, Slayton, MN



5/6….HTS, Garwood, NJ



5/23….Rockland School District 382, Rockland, ID



5/5….Robert Frost Middle School, Fairfax, VA



5/15….Lincoln High School, Alma Center, WI



5/26….St. John’s Lutheran School, Orange, CA



5/13….Minnetonka Middle School West, Excelsior, MN



5/30….Corwin International Magnet School, Pueblo, CO



5/20….Bethlehem Lutheran School, Carson City, NV



5/5….Moore Middle School, Tyler, TX



5/12….Stage West Community Theater, Ocean Shores, WA



5/6….Sugar Valley Rural Charter School, Loganton, PA



5/14….One Day Academy, Georgetown, TX



5/13….The Hawbridge School, Saxapahaw, NC



5/13….Design and Lab High School, Newark, DE

5/15….Cole County R-V High School, Eugene, MO



5/19….Homelink, Cowiche, WA



5/12….Grabill Missionary Church, Graybill, IN


From Heuer Publishing Company



5/29….Dunedin Showcase Theater, Clearwater, FL



5/2….Pilot Butte Middle School, Bend, OR



5/5….West Springfield Middle School, West Springfield, MA

March 2016


April showers bring May flowers, but they also bring a full house of plays presented by schools and community theaters around the world.  Who cares if it’s raining outside?  Inside the lights dim, the audience quiets down, and the curtain rises!  Break a leg to all these schools and community theaters presenting my plays during April:


60s Mania

4/1…..Sabetha High School Drama Club, Sabetha, KS


4/22….Hilton Central High School, Hilton, NY

4/29….St. Bridget School, Portland, ME

Broadway Lullaby

4/21….Truett Wilson Middle School, Haslet, TX


4/22….Harford Christian School, Forest Hills, MD

Every Babysitter’s Nightmare

4/8…..LJMS, Rohnert Park, CA


4/15….Battle Ground Academy, Franklin, TN

Jungle Book

4/1…..ACT Mesilla Valley, Las Cruces, NM

4/21….Bosque School, Albuquerque, NM

Just Desserts

4/9…..Antwerp UMC, Antwerp, OH

4/15….St. Joseph Academy, Saint Augustine, FL

4/21….South Salem High School, Salem, OR

Lethal Lecture

4/29….Rose Theatre Cotton County Playhouse, Bastrop, LA

Scariest Play—Ever!

4/8…..Channahon Junior High School Drama, Channahon, IL

‘Til Death Do Us Part

4/2…..Northeast Magnet High School, Wichita, KS

4/13….Canyon High School, New Braunfels, TX

4/29….Coquille High School, Coquille, OR

Tom ‘n Huck

4/14….Faith Christian School, Ramseur, NC

Prime Suspect

4/1….PCHS Drama Class, Lovelock, NV


Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb

4/30….Heritage Academy, Mesa, AZ

I Don’t Have a Clue

4/1…..Barnum Public School, Barnum, MN


Dead and Breakfast

4/16…..Whitelake Community Theater, Whitelake, SD

Death by Chocolate

4/22….Armstrong Community Theater, Kittanning, PA

4/22….Baker High School After School Drama Club, Baker City, OR

For Better or Wurst

4/1…..Grundy Players, Eldora, IA

I Don’t Have a Clue

4/23….North Cedar High School Drama, Clarence, IA

Robin, the Witch, and the Challenge

4/23….Beavercreek Community Theater, Beavercreek, OH

Ten Little Chipmunks

4/16….Fannett-Metal School District, Willow Hill, PA


Anchors Aweigh

4/7…..Cheney Middle School, West Fargo, ND

The Beatles Slept Here

4/2…..St. Joseph’s Catholic School, Salisbury, MO

Camp Twilight

4/28….Wilcomico Middle School, Salisbury, MD

Lady Pirates of the Caribbean

4/2…..Palliser Heights Elementary School, Moose Jaw, SK

4/2…..George Arts Theater, Western Cape, South Africa

Lady Pirates of the Caribbean—the Musical

4/1…..Fall River High School, McArthur, CA

4/7…..Windsor Elementary School, Windsor, ME

Crumpled Classics

4/1…..St. John’s School, Lincoln, NE

4/1…..Maine Consolidated School, Parks, AZ

4/2…..Hanson School District, Alexandria, SD

4/15….Pact Charter School, Ramsey, MN

4/15….Hankinson Public School, Hankinson, ND

4/28….Colman-Egan High School, Colman, SD

Curse of the Cobra’s Kiss

4/15….Beecher City High School, Beecher City, IL

Dead Man’s Chest

4/8…..Arts in McNairy, Selmer, TN

Hang Ten!

4/2…..Le Lycee Francais de Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

Hickory, Dickory, Dead

4/1…..Sumner Community Theater, Sumner, IA

4/14….Heartland Community Theater, Clinton, MO

4/28….St. Stephen Catholic Secondary School, Bowmanville, ON

Jolly Roger and the Pirate Queen

4/7…..Lebanon Homeschool Drama Troupe, Lebanon, MO

4/26….Wellspring Prep High School, Grand Rapids, MI

4/29….Cove Homeschool Co-Op, Redford, MI

Just Like Us

4/27….Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, PA

Mission: Possible!

4/6…..Richelle Matthews, Melville, SK

4/22….Kids Play, Inc., Greenfield, IN

Murder by the Book

4/19….Admiral Players, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England

4/21….Central Middle School, Burlington, IL

Murder at the Orient Express

4/29….Orono Middle School, Orono, ME

Night at the Museum

4/7…..Wetmore High School, Wetmore, KS

4/22….Mattlew Henson Middle School, Indian Head, MD

4/22….Southside Elementary School, Lebanon, TN

4/28….Heritage Christian School, Brooklyn, OH

4/30….St. Augustine School, Ossining, NY

Night at the Museum—the Musical

4/15….Lincoln Middle School, Mt. Prospect, IL

4/15….St. Francis Solanus School, Quincy, IL

Oliver Twisted

4/1…..Sainte Agathe Academy, St. Agathe Des Monts, QC

One in a Million

4/22….Denmark High school, Denmark, WI

4/29….Wilson Area Intermediate School, Easton, PA

Peter Pan

4/1…..Elk Mound High School, Elk Mound, WI

4/1…..Saints Peter and Paul School, Boonville, MO

4/1…..Carey Junior High School, Cheyenne, WY

4/2…..Thompson Middle School, Murrieta, CA

4/2…..St. John Paul II Collegiste, Okotoks, AB

4/8…..Ellis Middle School, Hendersonville, TN

4/13….Mascenic Regional High School, New Ipswich, NH

4/29….Bristow High School, Bristow, OK

4/30….Manchester School of Technology, Manchester, NH

Phantom of the Campfire

4/14….St. Stephen Protomartyr School, Saint Louis, MO

A Pirate’s Life for Me!

4/23….Bluegrass Homeschool Learn Co-Op, Lexington, KY

4/28….Village Theatre Company, Amesbury, MA

4/28….Madison High School, Marshall, NC

Secret Case of Sherlock Holmes

4/19….Thompson Public Schools, Thompson, ND

Touchtone M for Murder

4/1…..Boone High School, Boone, IA

Who Poisoned His Meatball?

4/1….Aux Sable Middle School, Joliet, IL

4/8….Quad Cities Christian School, Moline, IL

4/22….Napoleon High School, Napoleon, ND

4/30….Starcreations Theatre, Inc., Manomet, MA

March 2016


Spring is just around the corner and—bad pun warning—drama clubs are springing into action getting their shows ready for March openings. There’s always a lot of fun and excitement as the final rehearsals approach—along with a few jittery nerves. But all the hard work pays off when the curtain goes up. Hats off to schools and groups presenting my plays in March:


Alice in Zombieland
3/01….MacNeill Secondary School, Richmond, British Columbia

Anchors Aweigh
3/16….St. Charles Catholic High School, LaPlace, LA
3/23….Kelly High School, Benton, MO

Lady Pirates of the Caribbean
3/02….South Middle School, Lawrence, KS
3/03….Ben Franklin Junior High School, Stevens Point, WI
3/31….Holly Academy, Holly MI

Lady Pirates of the Caribbean—the Musical
3/23….Westminster School, Edmonton, Alberta

3/17….Hot Springs School District 23-2, Hot Springs, SD

Crumpled Classics
3/04….Emmanuel Christian School, Toledo, OH
3/18….Heritage Christian School, Canton, OH
3/18….Preble Shawnee High School, Camden, OH
3/31….Nicholas Oresko School, Bayonne, NJ

Diary of a Wallflower
3/16….Franklin Delano Roosevelt Elementary School, Daly City, CA
3/18….West Point Junior High School, West Point, UT

Don’t Stop Believin’!
3/11….Cass City High School, Cass City, MI

Flower Power
3/01….Somerset Academy, Markham, Ontario
3/31….Lyme School, Lyme, NH

Hang Ten!
3/11….Glen Ullin High School, Glen Ullin, ND
3/13….Churchville Middle School, Elmhurst, IL

Have I Got News for You!
3/12….Vasser High School, Vasser, MI

Hippie Flower Power
3/10….Bayside Middle School, Brentwood Bay, British Columbia

Hound of the Clackervilles
3/04….Grayslake Middle School, Grayslake, IL

Jolly Roger and the Pirate Queen
3/04….Oak Grove Middle School, Hattiesburg, MS
3/03….Evergreen School District #114, Vancouver, WA
3/04….Northwestern High School, Albion, PA
3/16….North Butler High School, Greene, IA

Just Like Us
3/14….Licking High School, Licking, MO

Murder at the Orient Express
3/11….Foothills Drama Club, Tucson, AZ

Night at the Museum
3/21….Hillcrest Christian Academy, Bethel Park, PA

Night at the Museum—the Musical
3/09….Mission Avenue School, Carmichael, CA
3/10….Sand Ridge Junior High School, Roy, UT
3/17….Southside High School, Southside, AL

Oliver Twisted
3/11….Wittenberg-Birnamwood School District, Wittenberg, WI

Peter Pan
3/01….Jefferson High School, Jefferson, GA
3/01….Holcomb R111 School District, Holcomb, MO
3/03….Center High School, Antelope, CA
3/05….Portsmouth Catholic Elementary School, Portsmouth, VA
3/12….Ramapo Ridge Middle School, Mahwah, NJ
3/17….Homeschool Performing Arts Club, Mt. Calvary, WI
3/18….St. Peter and St. Paul Elementary School, Staten Island, NY
3/18….Queensbury Middle School, Queensbury, NY
3/18….Central Intermediate School, Washington, IL
3/31….Mary Welsh Elementary, Williamsburg, IA

Salem’s Daughter
3/01….Bray-Doyle High School, Marlow, OK
3/17….Glen Burnie High School, Glen Burnie, MD
3/19….Harlan Middle/High School, Harlan, KY

Secret Case of Sherlock Holmes
3/01….Tantasqua Regional Junior High School, Fiskdale, MA
3/01….Community Christian Academy, St. Petersburg, FL
3/11….High Desert Community Theater, Madras, OR

Sherlock’s First Case
3/30….Leonia Middle School, Leonia, NJ

Surf’s Up!
3/10….Adams Central High School, Monroe, IN

Who Poisoned His Meatball?
3/01….Carman Collegiate, Carman, Manitoba


3/03….Robert Frost Middle School, Deer Park, NY
3/03….Our Lady of Peace School, Minneapolis, MN

Beauty and the Creep
3/17….Liberty Junior-Senior High School, New Lenox, IL

Disco Fever
3/17….Batavia Middle School, Batavia, NY

High Spirits
3/23….Steilacoom High School, Steilacoom, WA

Lethal Lecture
3/17….Kokomo High School, Kokomo, IN

Nifty Fifties Malt Shop Murder
3/03….Horse Heaven Hills MSKSD, Kennewick, WA
3/10….Oliver W. Winck Middle School, Wilton, NY
3/11….New Ulm Public School, New Ulm, MN
3/18….Sugar Valley Rural Charter School, Loganton, PA

Phantom of the Soap Opera
3/18….East Jackson High School, Jackson, MI

Queen of the Silent Scream
3/04….Rudolf Steiner School, New York, NY

Scariest Play—Ever!
3/15….Cleburne County High School, Heflin, AL

Shop ‘Til You Drop Dead
3/14….Katy Visual and Performing Arts School, Katy, TX

Tale of Two Cities
3/31….Rapid City Christian School, Rapid City, SD

3/25….Timberlake High School, Spirit Lake, ID

‘Til Death Do Us Part
3/18….Albia High School Drama, Albia, IA

Tune Into Murder
3/10….Salisbury R-IV Drama Club, Salisbury, MO


Said the Spider to the Fly
3/17….Lewis and Clark Middle School, Meridan, ID

This Could Be Murder
3/31….Williams Field High School, Gilbert, AZ


Death by Chocolate
3/18….Valmeyer Community School District, Valmeyer, IL

For Better or Wurst
3/11….Minnewaska Theatre Arts Association, Inc., Starbuck, MN

I Don’t Have a Clue
3/04….Montesano Junior-Senior High School Drama Club, Montesano, WA

February 2016

Opening in February!

Groundhog Day might disappoint with six more weeks of winter, but casts and crews around the country are working hard to make their February shows winners. Here’s hoping they’re having a lot of fun and their audiences will enjoy the results of those long hours of rehearsal!

Lady Pirates of the Caribbean
2/2…..Our Lady of Lourdes High School, Guelph, ON

Lady Pirates of the Caribbean—the Musical
2/9…..James Hargest College, Southland, New Zealand

Crumpled Classics
2/1…..Lynn High School, Lynn, AL
2/28…Stargate School, Thornton, CO

Diary of a Wallflower
2/4…..Alpena High School, Alpena, MI

Jolly Roger and the Pirate Queen
2/25….St. Monica Elementary School, Brampton, ON
2/26….Waynesboro Area Middle School, Waynesboro, PA

Murder by the Book
2/26….Wayne City School, Unit 100, Wayne City, IL
2/26….Concordia University, Seward, NE
2/27….Pottsgrove High School, Pottstown, PA

Myths Busted
2/6…..Waterloo Elementary/Middle School, Linden, CA

Night at the Museum
2/26….Cannon Valley Players, Morristown, MN
2/26….Aubry Bend Middle School, Overland Park, KS

Oliver Twisted
2/26….Cedar Heights Junior High School, Port Orchard, WA

One in a Million
2/4……Riverside Middle School, New Castle, CO

Peter Pan
2/1……Winman Junior High School, Warwick, RI
2/5……Rockford Christian School, Rockford, MI
2/25…..Howell Middle School, Farmingdale, NJ
2/25…..Artios Academies of Gwinnett, Snellville, GA

A Pirate’s Life for Me!
2/9……Rockville Centre Schools, Rockville Centre, NY
2/24…..Cape Cornwall School, Cape Cornwall, UK

Secret Case of Sherlock Holmes
2/12……Sugar Creek Players, Crawfordsville, IN

Surf’s Up!
2/18……St. Michael’s School, Walton Hills, ON

Who Poisoned His Meatball?
2/1……..Cimarron Middle School, Edmond, OK

2/15……John Deere Middle School, Moline, IL

Half Frozen
2/23……West Forsyth High School, Cumming, GA

Just Desserts
2/19……Wabeno Area Players, Wabeno, WI
2/13……MCHS, Memphis, TN
2/13……Farmington Baptist Church, Corinth, MS

‘Til Death Do Us Part
2/5……..Portsmouth West Middle School, West Portsmouth, OH

Manor of Death
2/27……Tichenor Middle School, Erlanger, KY

Million Dollar Baby
2/4……..Hesston High School, Hesston, KS

January 2016


Happy New Year!

January can be a very slow production month for schools and community theatres. The holiday break comes right before a show, and directors are terrified the actors won’t remember their lines or blocking or anything when they return. But low and behold, they need to have more faith in their casts. When the lights go up and the curtain opens, the show will go on and it will be terrific! Break a leg to these groups who are presenting my plays this month:

60’s MANIA, a farce featuring hippies, folk singers, and laughs….
1/14….Clinton County Youth Theatre, Springford, IN
1/21….Convent Elementary School, San Francisco, CA

QUEEN OF THE SILENT SCREAM, a fading star shines again in a mystery….
1/31….Fosston High School, Fosston MN

ROBIN, THE WITCH, AND THE CHALLENGE, Sherwood Forest has never been so much fun….
1/07….FACT, Franklinton, NC

I DON’T HAVE A CLUE, a mystery dinner suddenly becomes a real mystery….
1/29….Benton Middle School, Manassas, VA

And here’s a shout-out to groups presenting my plays from Pioneer Drama Service in January. Break a Leg all!

CRUMPLED CLASSICS, laughs abound when classics get twisted…
1/30….Lincoln Middle School, Logansport, IN

DIARY OF A WALLFLOWER, a high school girl learns what’s truly important in life…
1/15….King Kekaulike High School, Pukalani, HI

HIPPIE FLOWER POWER, lots of fun—60s style…
1/5….Wilmar Union School District, Petaluma, CA

HOLMES ON THE RANGE, Sherlock Holmes heads west to solve a baffling crime…
1/15…New Egypt Middle School, New Egypt, NJ

MURDER BY THE BOOK, famous authors gather to celebrate, but murder intervenes…
1/02…Lamphier High School, Springfield, IL

NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM, history comes alive—literally…
1/28….Springfield Jewish Community Center, Springfield, MA

OLIVER TWISTED, a new take on an old favorite…
1/27….Cottonwood High School, Salt Lake City, UT

PETER PAN, Captain Hook, the Lost Boys, the Darling children, what more can one ask?
1/02….H. Frank Carey High School, Franklin Square, NY

TOUCHTONE M FOR MURDER, a lot of laughs with a bit of murder thrown in….
1/14….St. Bernard’s Catholic School, Omaha, NE

WHO KILLED ELVIS?, Elvis impersonators vie for a title, but one ends up dead…
1/21….Cimarron Middle School, Edmond, OK

October 2015


My latest mystery comedy, Murder at Rundown Abbey, has just been released by Pioneer Drama Service.  Sam Splayed, an American private eye working in London, is desperate for a case so he can pay a few bills.  Like an answer to his prayer, Annie Pennywise, a maid at crumbling Crumbledown Abbey, begs him to come to the mansion and investigate the mysterious death of the butler, Treadlightly.  Sam decides to go undercover–as the new butler.  Trouble is, Sam doesn’t know anything about being a butler or English traditions.  But he quickly catches on to the fact that there are plenty of suspects: Lady Pamela Crumbledown, lady of the house; Lord Percival Crumbledown, her husband; Edith and Hortense, Pamela’s daughters; Lady Snodley-Snippett, Pamela’s domineering mother; Gus Grumbles, the gardener; Olive Green, Percival’s secretary: Murgatroyd, the cook; and Harold Symington-Dimwitty, a young bachelor.  It’s all jolly good fun with plenty of twists and turns.  Single rundown mansion setting with the exception of one scene in front of the curtain.  The cast breakdown is 8 female roles, 5 male roles (one of which can be doubled).  Cheerio!

September 2015


The school year’s off to a roaring start, and kids have been working hard rehearsing and building sets for their shows’ openings in October. The year is young yet, but their shows will shine! A shout-out to these groups performing my works this month:

Sundance Central Drama Club (Saranac, NY) will present The Beating Heart, a spooky Southern gothic tale, on 10/23.

South Charleston High School (Charleston, WV) will present Every Baby-Sitter’s Nightmare, a mystery-comedy, on 10/29.

Paramount High School (Paramount, CA) is also presenting Every Baby-Sitter’s Nightmare and their show will be on 10/15.

Pittsville High School (Pittsville, WI) will present A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Colosseum, a Roman comedy, on 10/15.

Wredling Middle School Theatre (Sycamore, IL), is presenting my newest show, Half Frozen, the story of a forlorn princess who just can seem to do anything right, on 10/14.

Valley View Schools (Gainesville, TX) will present Just Desserts, a popular audience participation mystery, on 10/24.

Main Street Players of Boone County (Belvedere, IL) will present Murder Ahoy, another audience participation centered around a trip to the Titanic, on 10/23.

Hilmore Schools (Hilmore, CA) will present Once Upon Camelot, a fun retelling of the King Arthur legend, on 10/15.

Talawanda High School (Oxford, OH) is presenting Phantom of the Soap Opera, a laugh-a-minute murder mystery, on 10/11.

Yorktown Community Schools (Yorktown, IN) will present the musical version of Phantom of the Soap Opera on 10/12.

Little Wolf High School (Manawa, WI) is presenting Queen of the Silent Scream, a one-act mystery, on 10/15.

Southern Hills Community Theatre (Hot Springs, SD) will present Shop ‘Til You Drop—Dead, an audience participation mystery, on 10/17.

American Heritage High School (Delray Beach, FL) will present ‘Til Death Do Us Part, a very funny mystery set at a wedding, on 10/2.

Clark Middle School (Whiting, IN) is also presenting ‘Til Death on 10/23.

Clifton Ridge Middle School (Macon, GA) will present Welcome to the Haunted House, a collection of spooky stories told in—where else?—a haunted house, on 10/29.

Discovery Canyon Campus will also present Welcome to the Haunted House the same evening.

Washburn High School (Washburn, SD) is presenting I Don’t Have a Clue, a mystery-comedy, on 10/10.